Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do Oil Tankers and Listeria Mix Well



The MacDonald-Laurier Institute for no rules is saying, based on the answers of 'three experts to three questions' that banning oil tankers on the West Coast would wreak economic havoc and would, and I quote:

"...almost no discernible environmental benefits...."

Sure thing.

And letting self-regulating meat-cutters allow bacteria to bubble-up inside their slicers-and-dicers won't make people sick.


To take it one step further, given that we have had no nuclear accidents in Vancouver harbour recently, we should immediately invite all the world's nuclear submarines to start sword-fighting off Spanish Banks.

Think tanks with an agenda....

...Brian Lee Crowly, the managing director of the MacDonald-Laurier Institute, an independent non-partisan public policy think tank in Ottawa sees things differently (about refining rather than sending everything out by super-tanker). He claims that while on the surface it would make sense to create more jobs in processing oil before we export it, he points out that trying to do so would actually end up costing more in regards to having to compete with places like Jamnagar, India, who would be able to build a new refinery for $6 billion and have “a supply of workers and regulatory environment we can not duplicate.” A comparable new refinery in Canada would cost between $7-8 billion and will most likely face opposition that will become costly and stall our production output. Crowly doesn’t think it makes economic sense to even try, as building regulations and higher labor costs will not justify the potential revenues generated by processing the oil...

Who, exactly, are they trying to kid?

(Now....Watch the wurlitzer crank folks....)



lenin's ghost said...

Of course, li'l stephycorp would say it is to expensive for his buddies to refine here.
HE WORKS FOR BIG OIL!....sell it cheap and fast before canucks realize its actual value.

I'm curious as to how oil corps stephy will be working for after his term of destroying with country!


RossK said...


Poop guts, more like it.

(speaking only of the listeria, of course, not the fine, fine folks behind this grand experiment in the public's - how shall we put it - re-education?)


lenin's ghost said...