Friday, March 30, 2012

The Assumption In Justine Hunter's Suggestion To The (not) Premier.


Justine Harper, in The Globe & (no longer Empire) Mail has a suggestion for Christy Clark today that she reckons might just make it possible for the (not)Premier to save her tattered political party's free enterprise 'brand'.

Which is to go for broke, and actually do something real (and maybe even really progressive), on the Families, Education and Forestry fronts.

Which is all well and good, as far as it goes.

But here's the thing......

Ms. Hunter is assuming that Ms. Clark is actually free to do so.

Do her own thing, I mean.

If you get my drift.

Regardless, is it not bizarre in the extreme that the proMedia is doing it's darndest to ignore John van Dongen's call to look into the BC Rail matter and offer the (not)Premier advice to try and save her while they, and especially The Dean, jump all over Mr. Dix for keeping his parking...errr...farecard ticket a 'secret'....Heckfire...I'm almost sorta/kinda surprised the Transit Police didn't show up at Mr. Dix' door with at TeeVee crew in tow with a made-up search warrant that would allow them turn his living room upside down looking for that missing Day Pass.
Speaking of BC Rail....Yesterday, Ian Reid demolished the flaws in Geoff Plant's so-called 'logic' about the $6 million dollar deal (i.e. he went at Mr. Plant much harder than I did....Today, something tells me Mr. Reid is going to tell us a little bit more...And I have a feeling it is something that might be heard by ALL parties that participated in the making of the deal...And maybe even some that didn't participate....At least not directly....So keep an eye out for a new post from Ian today...


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