Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Is What My Kid's Radicalization Looks Like.


From the notoriously biased CBC:

Tens of thousands of Quebec students descended on downtown Montreal Thursday afternoon for the latest in a series of escalating protests against proposed tuition hikes.

An imposing crowd, considerably larger than the one at Montreal's famous 1995 pre-referendum rally, formed a kilometres-long sea of opposition to Quebec's tuition increases, scheduled to take effect later this year.

In a spring laden with student demonstrations against the Quebec government, this was easily the largest.

The parade of protest was so long that its front

end would be a full neighbourhood – or even two – away from the tail end.

An organizing group boasted that the protest spanned 50 city blocks.

There were no violent incidents involving the chanting, placard-waving throng....

Our oldest kid is going to school in Montreal.

She has been to some of the protests...waiting for an eyewitness account of today's activities.


Now, of course, my wife and I are now in a demographic wherein we can afford to send our daughter all the way across the continent to go to University.

But it wasn't always thus.

In fact, both C. and I come from working class families.

And we both went to University only because we, ourselves, could afford to pay for it a generation ago.

Of course, it was only affordable for we kids because all Canadians helped out.

And we have benefitted tremendously from that help from our countrymen and women.

And I'll be darned if I'm going to pull up the ladder behind me now.

And I hope my kid feels the same way too.


And did I mention that none of those thousands and thousands and thousands of protesting kids did anything today that led to a single arrest?

Isn't that fantastic.

Kids today, eh?

Ironical in the extremus Update: Bigger E. missed today's protest because she had to study and take a test for....Wait for it...European History.



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Pretty darn good! Impressive crowd - thanks for posting!

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Somethin's going on 'round there.