Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Unmasking Of Pierre Poutine...


...A Real Breakthrough, Or The Next Limited Hangout?


Update Tues Mar 13/12: At the bottom of the post

A woman who identified herself on the phone as Michael Sona's mother implied that she thinks it just might be the latter when she spoke to the Ottawa Citizen as reported by Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor:

...“To me, it’s been of a setup from Day 1,” she said, without elaborating.

During a brief conversation with the Ottawa Citizen, she also referred to reports about Meier tracing the Internet address used with the RackNine account. “It’s interesting that Matt Meier found the code when he’s working for the Conservative party.”...

Meanwhile, Simon asks the questions that would, if even only half of them were answered satisfactorily, go a long way to getting to the real (i.e. not false) bottom of this:

(1) Who paid for those calls? And where are the receipts?

(2) Who wrote ALL of those scripts?

(3) Who gave him/her/them the (CIMS database) password (so that the targets could be identified)?

(4) How many Blue Poutines are there, really?

(5) Before (paraphrasing....) legal proceedings begin in earnest, would you mind speaking before a Parliamentary committee?

(6) (The biggest of them all....) Who's your DADDY?


Update: Tues Mar 13, 2012....Sources have said that Mr. Michael Sona denies having anything to do with the Poutineing....If Mr. Sona is, indeed, set up for a full-horned scapegoating it might be worth recalling that he was already working on the Hill BEFORE the last election when he allegedly spent time in the cabinet room working with the Big Boss (i.e. according to the Marty Burke Campaign Email chain)...


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