Thursday, March 15, 2012

Christy Clark To People....

"Budget? Me Don't Need No Stinkin' (Office) Budget!"

I'm beginning to wonder....

Did the VSun's J. Fowlie get a Holmanesque brain transplant recently?


Because he (i.e. Fowlie) sure been doing some top-rate, just-under-the-radar, FOI-based digging of late...

The following is the lede from Mr. Fowlie's most recent proBlog post which makes the sub-header above as clear as a mudpack facial:

The communications chair from Premier Christy Clark’s leadership campaign has a contract with government that allows him to bill up to $10,000 per month.

The contract is with Don Millar, through his company Reception Point Consulting Inc. That company was incorporated on June 19, 2011, provincial documents show, and Millar is listed as the only director.

A longtime friend of Clark, Millar has helped with Clark’s big speeches for events such as the B.C. Liberal convention in Penticton, the launch of the jobs plan at the Vancouver Board of Trade and Clark’s address to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities.

A document I obtained under the Freedom of Information Act shows Millar has a contract with Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE) running from October 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.....

Did you get that last bit?

Mr. Millar is being paid not through the budget of the office of the (not)Premier, but instead through 'Government Communications', the seven figure sinkhole that she and hers re-dig every year so that they can keep on using it to try and convince we the people to like things that we actually hate.

The PABsters strike again!



Bill said...

Hi Ross and thanks.

A three post Thursday with links, highlighting three examples of just how low these right wing one per-centers will go to look after their own, look after their friends and cover all their crooked tracks.

They do it all with our money and in the name of democracy and they do it so brazenly. Sadly they have been doing it everyday to us for way too long.

I guess if you have zero ethics and honesty and care only for your personal interests and not the greater good this behavior easily becomes automatic - they appear to do it without even blinking. It will continue until enough of us catch on and put the boot to the whole corrupt bunch of them. That day is thankfully much sooner than later.


Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have been deceiving and thieving from the BC citizens for well over 10 years now.

Harper and Campbell worked frantically to dismantle BC, before Campbell got the boot. Don't forget Harper's part in the illegal HST either.

Campbell thieved and sold our BCR and the priceless Real Estate that went with it.

Campbell thieved and sold our rivers which, fools put hydro dams in them. This not only destroying important salmon runs, but are leaving fish stranded with no water, and of course they are dead all over the place.

Then the stupidity of filthy diseased fish farms, killing off the wild Salmon.

I think the BC Liberals are not Liberals. Perhaps Reformers of Harper's true party, the Northern Foundation Party of 1989.

Campbell works for Harper, dirty political record, corruption, stealing and all. Bossenkoll is another of Harper's henchmen. He and Christy are busy selling off the buildings and Real Estate that is left, owned by the province and the people.

China pretty much owns BC. Our raw logs went to China, as did some of BC's mills. China owns BC mines, they are bringing their own people to work our mines.

Harper is permitting China to buy out the tar sands, they are bringing their own people to work their vast holdings of the dirty oil. China refused to have the oil refined in Canada. They pay their people crap wages, so the refining will be done in China.

As Fadden of the CSIS warned. China is making huge inroads into Canada. China owns our resources, and our jobs. Just wait and see, if Christy's imported foreign workers are mostly Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Why are taxpayers being forced to pay for Christy's political ambitions ? This lady has no morals.

Guy in Victoria

lenin's ghost said...

......and the beat goes on.
nutjob fascists lawyer bastards and poopheads.
they keep stealing and the peeps enjoy their 'beer and popcorn'
nothing will get better until we change our 'lack of education' system.
the masses are idiots and need to have empty stomaches before they
finally rise up against the machine!
Soylent Green?, anyone.......seems to be the direction we are going.