Friday, March 23, 2012

Shorter Lisa Raitt: "Don't Mock Me!"


Regarding those wildcatters causing all that trouble down at your local high-priced fast-food and baggage-handling emporium:

Air Canada ground crews and baggage handlers are holding an illegal strike at Toronto's Pearson Airport, (and Montreal's Pierre Trudeau) causing flight delays and cancellations.

The CBC's Redmond Shannon reported from the airport that the walkout followed an incident involving Labour Minister Lisa Raitt. She says Air Canada workers sarcastically applauded the MP as she walked through the airport Thursday evening.

At least three workers were then suspended by Air Canada, according to employees demonstrating outside the terminal, prompting the walkout.

A spokeswoman for the airline said Friday morning that it will seek a back-to-work order. The job action has since spread to Montreal, where ground crews are also engaging in job action.

Raitt introduced back-to-work legislation earlier this month to preempt any work stoppage at Air Canada in the airlines continuing disputes with unions representing ground crews and pilots...


Let's see how big the crackdown will really be for workers getting uppity after their right to collectively bargain has been stripped away by decree.

What year is this anyway...


And now head on over to fern....She'll tell you what to do if you are one of those people who helps start wurlitzers via those those hashtag thingies....In a good way.



spartikus said...

One version of this story had Raitt asking the RCMP to arrest the slow-clappers.

RossK said...

Really Spart?

You got linkage?