Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sometimes Obvious Is A Whole Lot Better Than Stenography.


"...In the news conference (to kick-off the Bye-Byes), the Premier was asked about $30-million in funding that Metro Vancouver mayors want to complete a raft of transit-related initiatives. The mayors had said that unless the province passed legislation allowing them to raise that money through means such as a vehicle levy, they would have to raise property taxes.

But out of nowhere – certainly mayors didn’t know this was coming – Ms. Clark said the $30-million would have to be found through an audit of TransLink. She further muddied the waters when she said the $30-million was to address a shortfall in funding for the Evergreen line. This created enormous confusion and the impression that the previously agreed upon financing plan for the Evergreen line was in doubt..."


Late last night I had a post all ready to go, ripping into Ron Obvious for being, well...

You know.



And for stealing our stuff, especially the stuff of Norm Farrell.


But then I got doing other things* and I didn't hit publish.

And now, this morning, in the cold (but warming up!), hard light of day I feel a wee bit differently.

Because, while Gary Mason may or may not be stealing our stuff, the good thing is that more and more often these days he is actually writing with a point of view that is not all that different from we, the amateurs, who try to pay attention.


(Insert beer commercial guy voice here....)

"Here's to you Gary Mason....And by all means, feel free to keep on spinning the raw material of lowly Lotuslandian bloggers into mainstream media gold".

And while attribution is not required, or even sought after, a contribution to our soon-to-be-announced 'FOI Collective' would be most appreciated.


*Which, inspired by my musical and lyrical genius kid, included trying figure out which way I should arrange my Phil Ochs rip-off for recording....


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