Friday, March 16, 2012

Real/Not RoboCall...The Number On Lori Bruce's Phone....


Lori Bruce, of Fredericton, is one of the voters who identified themselves as being not supportive of the Conservative Party of Canada in the run-up to the last election when she was called by said Conservative Party. Like many others, she was then called back just before election day on May 2nd, 2011 and falsely told her voting place had been moved.

The interesting thing is that the person who called Ms. Bruce back and attempted to defraud her of her franchise was a real live person, not a robot. And that particular real, live male person identified himself as calling on behalf of Stephen Harper, Keith Ashfield and the Conservative Party.

...Lori Bruce of Fredericton.... said the Conservatives knew she was not a supporter, and called her more than once — even identifying themselves while misdirecting her to the wrong polling station.

Bruce said she received a call stating that it was "on behalf of Stephen Harper and Keith Ashfield for the Conservative party."

"At that point, he told me that my voting location had changed. I, at that point, said no, it's at the same location it always is."

Bruce then Googled the caller's number and found out it was the Conservative campaign office. Still, she wanted to be sure.

"I called the number back," she says, "and I just got an answering machine message, saying thank you for calling the Conservative Party."...


Ms. Bruce did a little more than just Google the number online.

She also went to '800 Notes', a website where you can log complaints about unknown callers from specific phone numbers. Then she typed in the number in question.

It's actually in the video accompanying Mr. Milewski's CBC story.

Our good friend North Van Grumps watched that CBC report very carefully and he saw the number that Ms. Bruce checked up on. Here is a screen shot showing the said number.

Then NVG did a little walk through the interwebs and found the relevant page on '800 Notes'. There are eight queries, a number of which noted that the number seemed to be associated with the Conservative Party of Canada based on call-backs.

Please note that two of the queries come from Lori B (who we can only assume is Ms. Bruce) and an Astrid from Mission (sound familiar?) who checked up on this number on Apr 30th and May 1st, 2011, respectively for the reasons stated below:
(click to enlarge)

Which means that, contrary to all the balderdash that has been spouted by the shillophants recently, real voters were concerned about who the heck was calling them with fradulent misdirection plays BEFORE election day on May 2nd, 2011.


Do not forget.....

Mr. Milewski stated that CBC News has obtained hard-rock evidence that this went on in at least 31 federal ridings, from Coast-To-Coast.

And based on that, and everything else we already know, I would assert that all reasonable Canadians who have been paying attention can now conclude only one thing.

Whish is that there was a concerted, conscious and systematic attempt made by a specific person or persons so far unknown, to misinform and defraud legitimate voters, voters who had been previously identified as not being supportive of the Conservative Party of Canada, of their franchise on May 2nd, 2011.


Put another way.

Someone or some group (remember at least 31 ridings!) worked long and hard, with malice-aforethought, to rig the last Canadian Federal Election.


What does Ms. Bruce want to happen now:

..."There definitely should be punishment," said Lori Bruce of Fredericton. "They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law."...

We couldn't agree more.

Except for one addition which is that the word 'all' should be inserted into that last sentence such that it reads:

They should ALL be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dave, over at the Galloping Beaver, connects a whole lotta dots, here.



Beijing York said...

[applause]Bravo Ross and NVG [/applause].

RossK said...

Twas NVG BY.

He found it.

Thing is....

Who else knew it was just laying their for the last 10 months?

Post on that comin'....


JimBobby said...

Good diggin'!

lenin's ghost said...

very sweet......but will there be CONsequences?

Saskboy said...

Got time to look at this ND number on websites like that one LoriB was on, for April - May 3ish 2011?

Anonymous said...

4 May 2011
I am Guelph and got a call from 450-760-7746 telling us to go to a different place to vote. I sent a letter and an email to conservative party saying I would not vote for them as long as Harper was there. I am sure they are behind this call. I voted conservative all my life but never again!!!"

Apparently identified by CIMS (it would have record of his change of affiliation due to the email and mail, unless James forgot about being phone polled prior to being Robocalled by Poutine.