Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Christy's Top Secret BFF Contract To Her Stars In The Chamber


Well, at least it wasn't 'solicitor-client' privilege.

At least not yet.

Jonathan Fowlie, in a post-FOI follow-up from last week has the story in the VSun:

Why is the provincial government able to directly award a contract to a friend of Premier Christy Clark?

That’s been the question since news broke last week that the communications chairman from Clark’s Liberal leadership campaign last year has a contract with government that allows him to bill up to $10,000 per month for a period of six months.

The deal is with Don Millar, through his company Reception Point Consulting Inc., to “provide a full range of advisory services.”

The answer to how the contract was awarded lies within the rules of government procurement.

{snippety doo-dah}

..(The) government can directly award a contract when “the acquisition is of a confidential or privileged nature and disclosure through an open bidding process could reasonably be expected to compromise government confidentiality, cause economic disruption or be contrary to the public interest.”

In a statement last week, government cited this as the reason Millar’s contract was not put to a competitive bid.


What, exactly, is the good Mr. Millar working on that is so super, cone-of-silence, secret anyway?

Is it possible that he is engaged in highly strenuous $10,000 a month confabs with Princess Pammy working on one of those special projects for the people that only the two of them can actually see and/or hear?



cfvua said...

Most likely trying to figure out how to keep less information getting into the hands of those pesky bloggers, who won't quit sending in FOI requests and having the nerve to actually appeal. After all they won't be able to keep inquisitive people at bay with 1700 page redacted documents for long...will they. Ian Ried tells his story about at his blog. Sickening to say the least, but galvanizing the opinion of many that there was a huge taint on the BC Rail deal, way before we all got our noses rubbed in it with the $6 Million payoff.
One thing that the liberals are good at is secret deals with their friendly donors.

The Mound of Sound said...

Does CC believe she can afford to further alienate BC voters? Could it be that she figures the LibSoCreds have no chance in the next election so she's making hay while the sun shines?