Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another Fine Tribute To Our Friend Mary...


This one is from Bill Tieleman.

And it starts like this:

BC Mary was one of Canada's most tireless, prolific, dedicated and dogged bloggers - with an absolute commitment to finding out the truth about the BC Legislature Raids - the Basi-Virk case - the BC Railgate story.

In fact, she named her blog The Legislature Raids.

And now my friend is gone.

Sadly BC Mary - Mary Mackie to those that knew her more - passed away unexpectedly but peacefully on Saturday March 3 in Toronto General Hospital....

There is a whole bunch of great stuff in the middle, much of it personal, including a description of how Bill and Mary never actually met in person, or even talked on the phone, and yet they had a long, warm relationship of ongoing give-and-take, regardless.

Then, Mr. T's post ends like this:

...BC Mary - it was not just a pleasure to know you - it was truly an honour.

You were one of a kind - rest in peace, for a job well done.

Amazing stuff, don't you think?

All the goodwill that this one tenacious, fearless and compassionate elderly lady with nothing but a laptop and a penchant for reaching out has generated.


At this point, it's probably worth letting you in on one of the things she told one of her longtime commenters, GWest, who was also her longtime friend and confidant, near the end:

"...I'd love to think that one day, when my screen goes quiet completely, the commenters will come out and fill the space with what THEY know ..."

A bunch of us, including Koot-Koot, who has archived more than 15,000 previous comments at Mary's place already, have a plan to help make sure that happens.



Grant G said...

Thanks Ross k..."Humanity in the form of crumbs"..

Mary is alright now..

And Ross..

Mary is still feeding me life and contributing to all of us....

I wrote it a little bit earlier after my last chat with Mary...

It`s all I have.

Bill said...

Hi Ross

Your words (as always) ring true.

Mary was and will always be in our hearts. She was an inspiration to what one person that really cares can accomplish through their passion, hard work and determination. Her smarts, selfless inquisitiveness and sense of purpose were poured into every post.

I am sure near her end that she was at peace knowing that she and her fellow bloggers were making a real difference. Mary really cared and that's why we all cared for her. An amazing person.

John Preissl said...

Thank you Ross.

Mary was an amazing lady. I am so grateful that she started her blog. Mary's blog did connect many fine folk from all political stripes who are concerned about the BC Rail mess. I will make sure my daughters know all about this special lady and what she did for British Columbians.

Take care.
John Preissl

kootcoot said...

"A bunch of us, including Koot-Koot, who has archived more than 15,000 previous comments at Mary's place already, have a plan to help make sure that happens."

Make that "workin' on" the archiving Ross. It is a rather massive undertaking.

lynx said...

Mary was a great lady. Truly 'the best' as Ross writes here.

She had both personal courage in her fight against cancer and tremendous courage in her fight against corruption. She really was fearless.

I will miss her.

Thanks, koot-koot for all your technical wizardry over the years on TLR as well.