Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Special Sunday Night Lullaby


This showed up in my mailbox the other day.

Thirty-eight thousand gold stars.

At the very, very least.



Chris said...

What a sweet song.
I listened to it this morning over tea and thought of a couple of people I wish could still stay awake with me, and I had a little cry.
What a sweet song, what a gorgeous voice.

Danneau said...

Reminds me a little of Elizabeth Mitchell, strong praise, indeed, though she does break reverence when she refers to he song as stupid. I'll run it by J&J later in the week as an acid test, but it's a lovely counterpoint to the David Maxwell stuff I've been running between my ears.

RossK said...


Imagine how I felt....But then I remembered..."There's no crying in lullabies (especially at breakfast)!"

What's that?

Oh, ya - right.

It was baseball.



Looking forward to the J&J review - thanks.