Sunday, March 18, 2012

Remember It's Not The Crime That'll Get You In The End...


....It's The Cover-Up.


Update at the bottom of the post....

Yesterday, we noted that the good Mr. John Ivison of the NaPo tried to go full-court deflector spin while he was on 'The House' with the CBC's Terry Milewski discussing the Pan-Canadian voter fraud matter.

And part of that deflector spin was Mr. Ivison's 'relevation' that he had Pierre Poutine's phone records which apparently show that the still-secret fellow with the cheese curds made of (scape)goat's milk robo-called a whole bunch of ridings in Ontario, not just Guelph.

You get what's going down here?

You see how this could be construed as an attempt to narrow the focus on one potential bad actor who was actually responsible for a whole bunch of 'regional' robocall-initiated voter fraud?

Anyway, I thought Mr. Milewski slammed down Mr. Ivison, hard, and stopped the spin cold when he made it clear that the heart of his real revelation (Testify!) last week was live, not robo-calls.

But there is something else that is very important to consider here, which The Sixth Estate picked up on.


Well, it turns out that it was 'conservative partisans' (what the heckfire does that mean?), as noted after the fact by the Globe and Mail. What's more, the leak was highly selective (what, no more blast Talking Points that non-selective reporters were willing to wurlitzer, raw?):

....Conservative partisans tried on Friday to tamp down the notion that the problem was bigger than Guelph,releasing records of calls made by an unknown operative… These recods, provided to select journalists Friday, showed that thousands of calls were made....

Which is a nice try with a slightly expanded 'limited hangout' .

However, the Sixth Estate has since followed-up with an even more important set of points to consider:

These phone records, if they’re legit, are evidence of election fraud. The proper place for these records is in the hands of Elections Canada investigators. The fact that the Conservatives have them can only mean one of three things:

  1. The Conservatives got the records directly from Racknine. I’m not sure how that squares with Racknine’s previous claims that they are a non-partisan organization and that the call order in question didn’t come from the Conservative Party (which would mean, presumably, that they shouldn’t be sharing the records with an unconnected third party).
  2. The Conservatives got the records from Elections Canada. This would suggest either that the Conservatives have a mole on the investigation team, or that Elections Canada is under political control by the very party that it’s currently supposed to be investigating.
  3. The Conservatives got the records internally. This would suggest they already know who the perpetrator is — and may have known all along.

What do you think....

Is there any chance that those carefully chosen 'select' members of the proMedia like, say, Mr. Ivison, will go back to those same 'conservative partisans' and nail them to the wall by asking them the real questions that would reveal which of points 1, 2, or 3 is correct?

Me, I'm not holding my breath.

And if you're not checking in with The Sixth Estate regularly on this issue, you're crazy....Or an ostrich...Or just plain plumage....Maybe.
And one more thing...Have you noted the new meme....That if it wasn't a call wherein the caller, Robo or otherwise, identified him or herself as being from Elections Canada, it was not illegal....Again, it would appear that folks are trying to limit and circumscribe the hangout as much as possible to he or she who soon will be, we imagine, scapegoated...
Update: Please note that in the original late Saturday night version of this post I had indicated that Mr. Ivison said that it was Matt Meier of RackNine who had hunted down the Poutine phone records on the 'The House'...I went back and listened again, and I was not correct...What Mr. Ivison did say was that Mr. Mieier identified Mr. Poutine and traced his IP address to a private residence in Guelph....My apologies for getting that subtlety of the setting up of the potential scapegoat wrong initially....It of course doesn't rule out the possibility that it was also Rack-Nine who hunted down the records in at least some, if not all of the other Ontario ridings as well...If you missed it you can listen to The House here.



Bill said...

Hi Ross

Well for sure there is a lot I don't know on all this festering Robo-call scandal.

I have followed the ongoing BC provincial political evil doings much longer and more closely. I am not nearly as familiar with all the politicos, operatives and spinners, "sympathetic" MSM and reporters covering nor the invetgative reporters and bloggers trying to uncover all this subterfuge.

Just out of high school I followed the Nixon/Watergate -way back when with great interest and attention as did almost everyone. Back then the big network media really jumped on this after the digging of just two hard working reporters. I think the MSM and the public were much more engaged in finding the truth and accountability.

The cover up back then was Nixon's undoing. I think Watergate era slush funds and dirty tricks etc. pale relative to what today's parties and politicians are up to.

Thanks for all your posts and links on this. The Internet is proving to be an alternative investigative army of Woodwards and Bernsteins on this - shining light on this national scandal.

Anonymous said...

All of the computer and phone logs being presented as 'evidence' are unreliable. The log files are just text files which can be easily changed, or entirely made up. In other words, they are as trustworthy as the people who offer them up.

The truth will be told most accurately by the people who participated in the fraud.

Chris said...

I was thinking this morning when I woke up:
It's been beyond sad to watch Canada steered in the same nasty, corporate, anti-citizen direction that the US started down so many years ago. But it would be kind of satisfying if our own version of Watergate took the same route as theirs did: massive public scandal, hearings, resignation of a leader, a generation of folks left alive to other possibilities in life. Maybe even a new generation of journalists alive to actual reporting...
Wouldn't make up for the mess we're in, but it would help ease the pain.

Anonymous said...

I believe you’re right on the role of John Ivison as the carrier of the spin that the HarperCons are trying to float to see what the reaction would be.
Cutting off Milewski before he finished his comments was my first clue to the BS he was trying to peddle.
Nothing in the Post can be considered anywhere near the truth especially when it comes to shilling for the Relgi/CRAP/Con party.