Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Coda Worth Quoting....


Last weekend Dave sent a whole lot of us off on a chase to find Christy Clark's FedConOp #1.

And it turned out that that person, who was part of the Three Amigos from Harper Land, was hired just three days after the BC Liberal Party selected the current (not)Premier.

Anyway, in a coda I almost missed because he updated the original post, twice!, Dave had this to say, which I think gets right to the heart of the matter:

...Keep in mind, despite the fact that this may be the most accidental post I've ever done, that the significance of this Harper infiltration is profound. This is an endeavour to Americanize not the just politics, but the way politics is done in this country. This is the Reform movement at work. From the Ontario PCs, to the Toronto mayor's office, to the Alberta Wild Rose Party, to the BC Liberals, this is an attempt at a Reform power grab...


I think that rings true.

But I also think that there is another side to this story.

And that is the side occupied by those who made the politically expedient decision to let the Reformists do the grabbing.


*And just who does does this Dave fellow think he is with all these updates anyway?....Sheesh!



Anonymous said...

We have been saying forever. Harper is a Neo-Nazi Reformer, of his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. That the skinheads assisted to organize that hateful party.

Damned right, Canada is a fascist dictatorship regime. Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, have the same typo characteristics, and so does Harper. The lies, deceit, and dirty tactics are all the same type of personality within Harper too.

What in the hell do we think is going on in BC? Herr Harper's henchman Campbell a supposed Liberal, works for Harper. Boessenkoll another Conservative henchman, is working for the BC Liberals. Van Dongen a supposed BC Liberals, crossed over to the BC Conservatives. He waited 12 years to denounce, Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR...And the payout to Basi and Virk? I'm not buying it.

There are interchangeable parts between, the BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives, as well as Harper's Conservatives. I can't tell them apart. To me, they are all Harper's Nazi Reformers. Sorry but, that's the way I see them.

Harper appointed Marc Mayrand to, Chief Electoral Officer of Elections Canada. We all know what, the outcome of the election fraud and the robo-calls will be. Mayrand will not oppose Harper. It wont matter, the robo-calls were the dirty work of the Conservatives, that their 902 number gave them away.

That's Harper's way, dirty tactics, dirty politics.

RossK said...


The interchangability is the issue, I agree.

And 'big tent' voters, who are actually somewhere near the center need to know that before the next provincial election rolls around in 2014.

(and yes, I did say 2014).


Dave said...

Hey! There will be cookies! I promise.

Sorry about the updates. New post soon ... right after I eviscerate Palmer. In a day or two.


RossK said...


I like updates!

(in fact, some might say I actually have an update 'problem')