Friday, March 16, 2012

Robo/Real Calls: If The Evidence Was Really Laying There Since Last Spring...


....Do You Think The Perpetrators Of The Fraud Didn't Know It Was There?

What the heckfire am I talking about this time?


As NorthVan Grumps, Dave and I discerned in our last post, Lori B from Fredericton NB, who we assume is Lori Bruce, and Astrid from Mission BC, who we assume is Astrid Dimind (and we are very willing to stand corrected on those scores), left comments on the '800 Notes' Website about being called and misdirected by folks saying they were from the Conservative Party of Canada while using a number apparently associated with said Party.

And they left those messages on that website, where they can still be found, on Apr 30th, 2011 and May 1st, 2011.

Six other people who received calls from that number also left comments earlier in April of 2011. Four of those six explicitly mentioned that they thought it was the Conservative Party that called them.

The upshot?

Well, all of these comments, six of which explicitly noted that that they thought the calls, which were made, apparently, by real people, not robots, were coming from the Conservatives (which was further confirmed for some of these people called the number back and got an answering machine stating such), were laying there in full public view, BEFORE the May 2nd, 2011 Federal Election.

Now, given that those plain view comments pop-up with a simple Google search after typing in the phone number like, say, this....


Doesn't that suggest that those finest of the very finest fine folks who might be behind all of this and who are, apparently, experts at mining data probably knew that those messages were sitting there just waiting for sharp reporters like, say, Terry Milewski of the CBC (and/or his research assistants) to find them?


If that were the case, is it really that much of a stretch to wonder if maybe those same very fine 'experts' might also have had a not-so-secret scapegoat tucked away, right from the start, waiting for the day they knew this whole thing would inevitably start unravelling?



Why do I keep fussing about the possibility that there might have been a 'pre-packaged scapegoat' so much?


You do remember that old saw about Watergate, right?

The one that went something like....

In the end, it's not the crime* that will get you, it's the cover-up.


*Which is not to suggest that I do not agree with Mistah Nixon's first copulator of the rodentia, Donald Segretti.....Because, yes Virginia, this is much worse than Watergate.



North Van's Grumps said...

Which just leaves one question...why didn't the CBC use the information on that same Screen Shot that they recorded to point the public to the proof, of when the RoboCall all started, eh?

RossK said...


I think they may have been using it as a source...It was CBC that broke Ms. Dimond's story, if I remember corrrectly, early on...I suspect it may have taken them a little more time to get Ms. Bruce to tell her story....Thus, I'm wondering if there flashing the actual number up there so that you could track it down wasn't inadvertent on their part?


Saskboy said...

And what do you make of that James fellow who didn't mention a phone call, but did write the Cons with his dismay? Perhaps that's another smoking gun that shows it was CIMS. The RCMP should know by now anyway, it's just the public that has to toil away in the dark. Too bad we can't confirm the RCMP/EC are toiling the right away also.

RossK said...


I think it is important for folks to be vigilant given how both E-Canada and RCMP walked away from the investigation into misleading Robo-Calling in 2008....Not because the evidence of such calls having taken place was not clear, but rather because E-Canada couldn't, allegedly, find any evidence that anyone changed their vote because of them.


Saskboy said...

In a country with a secret vote, its an odd metric to decide if there should be charges laid.

the regina mom said...

As I've said elsewhere, I worked on NDP Palliser candidate, Noah Evanchuk's campaign in SK. I remember that when calling on his behalf I was, from time-to-time, told that this was the 4th or 5th time someone from our campaign had called. Yet we had no record of it, so I marked it down as our team being unorganized. I am now beginning to seriously doubt that.