Monday, March 19, 2012

Curse You Ian Brodie!


Mr. Ian Brodie's 'Conservative Party of Canada' bonafides are as solid as a rock.

For example, he served as Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff from 2006 to 2008.

Heckfire, he was even running things for Mr. Harper back in the pre-fusion C.C.R.A.P. days.

Given that, it would appear that lots of folks were surprised by Mr. Brodie's statement to the Globe and Mail on the weekend that 'something' seems have 'gone on' on a scale that he has 'never seen before':

...Ian Brodie, who was Mr. Harper’s chief of staff from 2006 to 2008, said revelations from an Elections Canada probe that has centred on the Southern Ontario riding of Guelph and its local Conservative campaign likely indicate “a very devious local effort that could well lead to charges against several campaign volunteers.”

But he didn’t dismiss the possibility of “a national effort at subterfuge.”

“Something seems to have gone on, on a scale I’ve never seen before,” Mr. Brodie wrote in an e-mail...

Now, don't get me wrong.

I can smell the next limited hangout before the plumber even starts to bend over and/or the crack begins to show.

However, I thought something like this, coming from someone like Mr. Brodie, might have given even the most rabid Conservative Party supporters pause.

Especially those supporters in the Tory-O-Riffic blogosphere who have been so dismissive of the ever widening voter suppression/fraud scandal.

Boy was I wrong.

It just seems to have made them more fevered than ever.


I hope I didn't catch anything while I went to have a peek.

But I have to really wonder.

Do these folks actually believe, really, in their heart of hearts, that demonstrable falsehoods are not?

False, I mean.

And why, we can only wonder, is The Globe still getting banged like a gong on this story?...I mean, a few sidebar comments from people like Mr. Brodie forms the basis of their Saturday above the fold front by an Omnibus byline???...The Globe's lack of real concerted digging is all the more curious given that it was PostMedia reporters Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher who really got the Robo-Call ball rolling, and one of them even works for, Gasp!, the NaPo....As one of our more media savvy correspondents has asked us offline...."What's really up with that anyway"...



Jim Parrett said...

The Globe & Mail has ditched any semblance of being a honest broker. It has thrown in its lot with Sun Media. It may be an unspoken alliance but it screams collusion with the CPC.

RossK said...


On a whole lotta levels it's hard to disagree with you, especially nationally.

But provincially, they do just enough to keep me interested - especially Mr. Matas...And their freelancers round here are a definite bonus.


macadavy said...

This just in from Burnaby mountain:

RossK said...

Thanks macadavy!


RossK said...

Actually (relatively) old news MD....David Akin actually took a run at tamping it down, here.

That does not mean that it was not an important statistical analysis.

macadavy said...

(relatively) old I grant you, statistically significant, I think so. But I'd rather leave that analysis to more scientifically and logically trained minds than mine! ;-)

RossK said...


Oh boy.

Now you've gone and done it!