Thursday, March 08, 2012

Scapegoats?....In Nipissing?!!!


Any second now, I reckon.

After all, the last I checked Nipissing-Temiskaming is not Guelph:

OTTAWA—Federal elections investigators are probing robo-calls in another riding — Nipissing-Temiskaming in northern Ontario — that could have tipped one of the tightest races in the country in favour of the Conservative party, the Star has learned.

"I got a call that said it was Elections Canada calling to say that due to higher than anticipated voter turnout that my polling place was changed,” said Peggy Walsh CraigI...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

...Over the weekend, investigators with the Commissioner of Canada Elections contacted Walsh Craig to review her complaint.

Her account of the fraudulent call to Ottawa-based investigator Tim Charbonneau is particularly important in a riding where the incumbent Liberal, Anthony Rota, lost by just 18 votes to Jay Aspin, the Conservative candidate....."

Did you catch that?

18 votes.

So, the next time you hear more bilious bloviation from the likes Mr. Del Mastro about how deliberate attempts to bamboozle tens of thousands of voters don't matter because millions voted.....



And still, what did we hear on the 'World-At-Six' this evening?

Why, nothing but straight-up 'he said/she said' accounts of all the shouting, taunting and spewing of the shillophants, of course.



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Here's your chance, check out your Federal Riding, or any one riding, select 41st general election

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