Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One More Real Reason Why I, For One, Am Glad Gregor Won...


It's the Affordable Housing Task Force, and FABula has the first report card on their goings on:

...At top of mind is the 1989 decision by then-mayor Gordon Campbell to provide discounted city land to the Vancouver Land Corporation or VLC Properties – a company created by his developer friend Jack Poole and backed by union pension funds – to develop low-cost rental housing in the city in response to the affordable-housing crisis of that era.

That privately arranged deal generated criticism for years afterward, with some feeling that VLC – now called Concert Properties and one of the city’s most successful development companies – didn’t build as much rental housing as originally promised.

“I’ve asked and am trying to get answers to, ‘What was wrong with that proposal?’ ” said (task force member) Ms. (Olga) Ilich, who said that the concept of building rental apartments on city-owned land, with a steady stream of revenue coming to the city from them, seems on the surface like an attractive idea.

But, in the meantime, the quick-start recommendation is to experiment with only one small piece of city property to see what developers propose.

She said the task force has also been working to get information on older co-ops and social housing in the city that could be renovated and expanded.

The task force is aiming to find ways of developing suitable housing for households with incomes between $21,500 and $86,500...

Not all A's, for sure.

But they're trying.

Another reason I'm glad Gregor won (the first time)?...That bloody Casino-Industrial-Complex would be half-built by now.



Jim Parrett said...

That's all very well and good but what about the sheep wandering around Vancouver and corn growing in backyards? That's what Gregor hath wrought.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with growing corn in the back yard? My two very young grandchildren got a couple of dozen cobs last year. And by the way Jymn the (not) Bopeep in Victoria has all the sheep in the Leg. at present.


Ron S. said...

And whats wrong with growing crops in your backyard? Maybe you should try some real food Jymn, might change your outlook on life....... Nah it wouldn't work, your too much of a right winger for anything to pentrate that thick skull.

RossK said...

Down Ron-

Jymn is sending up the 'ethical' KMarshall here....


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Ross K. on this issue. I think Gregor gets it that his kids and just about everybody else's kids aren't going to be able to live in Vancouver given the current prices unless government makes this an issue.

Talk about a public policy issue crying out for attention.

lenin's ghost said...

Having a food garden in your yard is a good thing........raising animals in the city is insane.
As a country boy, I realize that there are too many health and noise issues in having farm animals in the city.
Most city peeps can figure out how to own and take care of a cat or dog. They tend to neglect or abuse these animals when they get bored with them or don't find them 'cute' anymore..........or worse, the use them for surrogate children which is downright warped!

lenin's ghost said...

shoulda been 'can't figure out'

My editing sucks!