Friday, March 16, 2012

Did The Birdman's People Even Bother To...

....Talk To Anybody Up North Before He Floated His Highly Concentrated Welfare Relocation Plan?

Why do we ask?

Well, it would appear that more than one mayor from British Columbia's Northern Hurtland is concerned about all that re-locationary concentration. For all the right reasons.

There may be a hitch in the B.C. government's plan to send welfare recipients into the north for jobs -- in some communities, there's no room for them.

Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman says her community is already coping with a housing shortage and strained social programs, while Fort Nelson Mayor Bill Streeper says there's a zero vacancy rate in his town....


Are these people just sitting around making up 'policy' while they pretend they are actually writing the script for the next South Park episode?

Obviously, all this concentrating won't be done by train....Not because the fine folks herding up the Welfare recipients have anything against trains....It's just that we don't have any any more thanks to the herders' and their statutory changes that paved the way for tourist trains to big money destinations instead....


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Grant G said...

"Mayors from Dawson Creek and Fort St. John both expressed concern after Kevin Falcon announced the plan in Kamloops earlier in the week. There is a housing shortage in both communities that would need to be addressed, in addition to the urban infrastructure that would be needed to support a sudden influx of residents.

While the oil and gas industry is still hiring, there has been a significant drop in activity, primarily due to the decrease in natural gas prices. Many of the available jobs are in the service sector where the pay would do little to mitigate the high cost of living in these communities."

Yea Ross, there are no jobs up north, service jobs that don`t cover the cost of living, the natural gas industry is reeling over the 15 year low in gas prices..