Friday, March 30, 2012

My Morning (Bus) Ride.


A little under the weather this morning.

And the weather still a little lousy.

So I left the bike behind and caught the bus.


As I was was sitting there scratchy-throated amongst all the school kids, I could only hope that....

I wasn't infecting anybody.



Stewart said...

I liked this a lot. Made me smile as I have a lung disease that always makes me cough like I have TB. Reactions are often interesting.

If you cough on the wee darlings you're actually doing them a favor as they need to get sick to strengthen their little immune systems.


Stewart said...

I should add that my lung disease is genetic (CF) so there is no risk of contagion spreading. Don't want to seem anti-social.

RossK said...

Awww....thanks Stewart.

Heavy irony, here, of course.

Because, none of them knew that I, the potential typhoid Mary amongst them, was any the worse for wear given that I was able to keep my sniffles and post-nasally drippiness pretty much silent.

Good luck with the CF thing.

Are they getting closer with that for you?

Couple of good non-genetic approaches moving through clinical trials, if I understand correctly, using compounds that blunt the 'protein unfolding response' that is triggered by a goodly number of the mutations.