Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Wonder If These Folks Have Received Any Lawyer Letters Lately?


"A Conservative-linked phone campaign to voters in Liberal MP Irwin Cotler's Montreal riding has prompted the industry association for market research firms to move ahead with a complaint resolution panel.

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association is striking a panel on Campaign Research, the firm that handles voter identification and other research for the Conservative Party of Canada, after six members of the public and one member firm logged complaints about the phone campaign.

Campaign Research made calls to voters in Mount Royal, where Cotler has been the MP since winning a 1999 byelection.

According to a constituent who spoke to CBC News, and to Cotler's staff, the callers falsely told them Cotler was stepping down and a byelection was imminent.

Nick Kouvalis, a principal at Campaign Research, told CTV that wasn't in the script...."


The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) is a Canadian not-for-profit association representing all aspects of the market intelligence and survey research industry, including social research, competitive intelligence, data mining, insight, and knowledge management. Members include over 2,000 practitioners, small to large research houses, and the many buyers of research services, such as financial institutions, major retailers, insurance companies and manufacturers. The industry accounts for almost three quarters of a billion dollars in market research activities annually.

For the record, none of the very, very fine folks mentioned in this post are past 'Pyramid' award winners from the 'Manning Centre for Building Democracy'.

Imagine that!



Anonymous said...

Drip, drip, drip. It won't be long now.

RossK said...

We'll see Anon--

Why am I still a wee bit skeptical?

Well, do not forget that the people who really decide what leads, in the end, are not the Three Muskateers who left that Manning Centre party when one of them was thrown out last night.

(*they would be Maher, McGregor and O'Malley....allegedly)


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