Friday, March 09, 2012

Fake Voters?.....In Eglinton?!


From the TStar (but only because the MoCo refuses to post a text version):

Alleged voting irregularities in the 2011 federal election have taken a new twist with accusations there was a last-minute rush of previously unregistered voters who cast ballots in the Eglinton-Lawrence riding, according to CBC.

The Conservative Party has been dogged for weeks now with allegations that it was behind so-called robo-calls and other dirty tricks that critics says swung the results in its favour.

CBC reports there were at least 2,700 applications for late registration to vote in Eglinton-Lawrence that failed to provide addresses or gave false or non-residential addresses, all of which fail to meet Election Canada rules....

But, of course, the meme is already out there that it doesn't really matter because Liberal Joe Volpe lost Eglinton-Lawrence by 4,000.

Which just goes to show that, apparently, a little bit of fraud is not the same thing as being a little bit pregnant.

I guess fraud doesn't begin at conception.

Or conceptualization.

As for implant....errrrr....implementation?




Saskboy said...

As I had to explain to a troll on my blog today, you still punish "attempted murderers", even if they've failed. It's the intent and action that's the crime, not success!

Beijing York said...

Keep up the great work.

Harper wants this buried and so far this has got legs, strong legs I hope.

Maybe we should start a petition to UN election observers asking them to take a look at the election fraud that took place here.

RossK said...


You bet.

Especially when they are serial attempted moiderers.


RossK said...


Guess who's opening tomorrow's big Manning-Up Pow-Wow tomorrow am?



Guess again....



(post comin' ... although Alison had it way first, as usual)


Rural said...

The question here is not so much who those unregistered voters voted for but how they got to vote at all. At least two poll clerks and the returning officer were not doing their job in order for this to happen.

Saskboy said...

True, it's either a conspiracy, or one bad egg who lucked out with institutional incompetence and apathy.

kootcoot said...

Electoral fraud is still electoral fraud even if it doesn't change the election results. If you tried to rob a bank, unsuccessfully, you still would get busted if they caught your ass.

Mine you if your house gets robbed, it isn't that important - I've been there done that, or more accurately had it done to me twice, first by the robbers and then by the cops!

RossK said...

Points taken Rural and Saskbeardboy.


I agree.

And false equivalencies are not equal...But the latter is where we will be hearing all about for the next 8 or 10 newscycles I reckon, starting with this one from the future 'Senator from NaPo'.