Thursday, March 15, 2012

Robo/Real Call...."It Happened Over And Over And Over Again"...




...In At Least 31 Ridings.

More specifically, the pattern that has emerged is that lots and lots and lots of folks that had been previously identified as non-Con supporters by phone were then re-called and told that their polling stations had been changed, most often by voices that said they were from Elections Canada when they were not.

And it wasn't all Robo - Watch for Lori Bruce's story in the clip from last night's National, below...

Did the people who did this really think that no one would notice?


Did they calculate the risk of later exposure and take the plunge anyway, scapegoat already safely tucked away for future use/instant exposure on Sun News?

I'm betting that, when all is said and done, the smart money will have been placed on door number two.



North Van's Grumps said...

And using the phone number on Lori Bruce's television screen I went looking on Google and came up with this link of .... other disgruntled Conservative Party

This Elections Canada but it wasn't.

But at the bottom of this link is an Advertisement from Maclean's Magazine.
It looks like the magazine is hunting for a story.....and, the kicker.... there's a "LoriB" dated the "30 April 2011"!

RossK said...





RossK said...

Dunno about you NVG, but I'm screenshotting/pdf'ing all of that goldarned thing....It's pure gold.

Update comin'.


North Van's Grumps said...

And now the McLeans Magazine Advertisement is gone and its been replaced with this:

Stephen Harper:
Doing a good job as Prime Minister? Tell Angus Reid Your Opinion Now


RossK said...

Doesn't matter NVG.

This has been sitting there, out in plain view for anyone to find, since BEFORE the last election.


North Van's Grumps said...

Time for a new post RossK, its either your Snapshot/screenshot or my cut and paste..... here.

Letting it sit on a site, out of sight, just won't do.

The phone calls started happening on APRIL 7, almost a full month in advance of the election.... in other words the

"The writs of election for the 2011 election were issued by Governor General David Johnston on March 26."

Dave said...
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Dave said...

Take a look at the comment below LoriB. Astrid is from Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission BC. LoriB is from Fredricton NB.

I've got a post up linking back to you RossK with credit to NVG for the superb bit of detective work.

RossK said...


Post comin'




Saskboy said...

See my chiding of McParland of the Nat.Po. for asking the wrong question. The Conservatives didn't all care if they were caught (Poutine obviously did, so tried to conceal his part of the operation), because they knew jail time was not a risk, and the party would pay a small fine at worst.

And that LoriB comment is gold, it shows she's not a recent bandwagon jumper-onner.

Saskboy said...

Oh I see. Terry found those people through that website even. Clever.

lenin's ghost said...

There were no boundaries for harpercorp in the last election.....l'il stephie had to win or his butt be gone.

Saskboy said...

Your site sent more visits to Terry's video than the Ottawa Citizen. That's alarming to me (no offence).
Fewer than 8000 have viewed it online. It's one of the most important videos imaginable in Canadian politics right now.

RossK said...

Interesting SaskBoy.

Did you hear Mr. Milewski on The House this morning as he was forced to fight off the obfuscation of Mr. Ivison to make his points about he really found?


Saskboy said...

Yeah, I went and listened on Sunday night.