Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If Pierre Poutine Is The Conservative Party of Canada's...


....Lone Bad Actor In Guelph

Why, according to PostMedia's McGregor and Maher, are all of Marty Burke's former (Email) Chain Gang lawyering up?

...Elections Canada has been on the trail of Poutine since the election, laboriously following his electronic trail with a series of subpeonas delivered to telephone companies, which led to RackNine, an Edmonton robocall firm. From there, with the help of RackNine CEO Matt Meier, investigator Al Mathews traced the Internet protocall address to a single Rogers high-speed internet account in Guelph, sources say.

Amidst contradictory and confusing media reports relying on anonymous sources, investigators have begun interviewing member of the campaign team of former Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke. Several members of the team have hired lawyers.

Nobody has presented evidence linking any of those people to the Poutine account, which was carefully shielded by someone who purchased a pre-paid cellphone with a pre-paid credit card, using two false addresses, including the home address of Poutine, on Separatist Street in Joliette, Que...

Switching gears for a moment....

E-Canada has been on Poutine's trail since the last election?



Wonder when the always cooperative, and always cooperating, not to mention self-investigating, Conservative Party of Canada first got wind of said trailing...

Not that they would pre-package a scapegoat or anything if they found out way, way back in, say the summer of 2011.

Because that would just be flat-out crazy trains.

Not to mention paranoid.



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