Saturday, March 17, 2012

It May Be Saturday Night...But This Ain't Sudbury...


The AHL comes to town tonight.

And I'm not talking about Sliverville.



Here's something to consider.

Which would you rather do....

Spend eight or nine hundred bucks to take the kids downtown to watch the scrubs from Ohio?


Drive down to the desert, take in a few spring training games, and then go see the spirit of Rosie Paiement throw a few haymakers Steve Nash's way for less than the cost of dinner at Carl's Junior.

But not before you belt out 'Oh Canada', first.

On American soil....




Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for the link to the long gone Abbotsford Flyers. There has been an AHL team in the much be-devilled city for three years now. The Heat have yet to ice anybody remotely comparable to some of the Flyer greats.

RossK said...


Hoisted on my own Wiki Re/Pee Tard!

Still, I went to a couple of Flyers games.

I would never consider driving all the way out there for the Heat.