Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bonfire Of The Inanities...Christy Clark's Never, Never, Never Evergreen?


Remember that old saw about 'Popsicle Stands' and the politicians that can't run 'em?


In the case of first the Evergreen Line, and now all other new Translink initiatives, it looks like the (not) Premier is bringing the old story back to life.

Only, in this case it looks like she's trying to wreck an entire franchise, not just one store.

Frances Bula has the latest in today's Globe. Here is her lede:

Regional mayors say they will explore the possibility of cancelling all new transit improvements, except the Evergreen Line, if the province puts them in a position of paying for the changes through property taxes.

Those would include two new rapid buses, one on Highway 1 from Langley and Surrey, another on King George Boulevard in Surrey going out to White Rock, and 415,000 additional hours of service in the whole system by 2014.

None of the mayors is even sure if it is legally possible to reverse a budget plan that they voted on.

But mayors say the issue will inevitably be on the table at the next mayors’ council meeting in April after Premier Christy Clark set off a bomb last week by rejecting their ideas for other ways to pay for the transit expansion...

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