Saturday, March 17, 2012

Could The Robo/Real Call Subversion Trigger a Federal Election?


The BC Iconoclast, Bernard von Schulmann, who is no waterhead when it comes to making carefully considered predictions, thinks it just might maybe happen.

In a kinda/sorta 'what-if' sort of way.

But that is not the most surprising thing he suggests.

...I think the most likely out come of a 2012 robocall caused election would be an NDP minority government if Thomas Mulcair is the NDP leader.

The core messaging of the election will be from the NDP about the scandal and the Conservatives about the socialist hordes at the gates. These two parties will crowd out anyone else in the election. A 2012 election would be the most ideological in Canadian history...


That sure would be interesting.


I think Mr. S. has left one thing out of the equation - which is the CorpMedia who I think would pushback, hard, against the 2nd coming of the Orange Crush.

Unless, of course, the media goes all in against the Cons, due to a Snowballing of The Subversion Smackdown, before an election call.



Unknown said...

I don't think this will lead to an election even given what we have found out so far. Given the specific case we have so far in Guelph (where the Liberal won by thousands) I don't see the claim of Conservative Party interference leading to a by election.

Will there be a new federal election. I think it's highly unlikely. We don't even know who Pierre Poutine is yet. I'd certainly like to see SOMEONE jailed for the false Elections Canada calls.

RossK said...

Fair enough Ryan--

And because Mr. von Schulmann actually threw out the possibility of an election as a 'what if' to make his predictions about who would win if it were to happen this year, I've gone back and edited the post to reflect that.


What do you think it would take for the trigger to be pulled?

On a 2012 election I mean.

Would evidence of systemic suppression be enough being attributable to one specific party be enough...Or would that just result in fines and a few flunkies from the Segretti army being thrown under the bus that would be viewed by the folks in charge (and/or the moral compasses running democracy schools) see as the cost of doing business....errrr....winning elections?

I ask, because I believe that we've come much farther than Guelph now, such that the groundwork has been laid for next trying to find out who, specifically, was doing the suppressing in as few as 30 and as many as 80 ridings.


Anonymous said...

Damn!!! Where did I read? Elections Canada said, they told people not to jump the gun. They said, there were only 700 calls being investigated, not 31,000.

I wondered about Harper's capitulation for a huge robo-call investigation. Harper is too stubborn and arrogant, to co-operate with anyone, unless it is to his advantage. I smell a rat.

RossK said...


Only '700' specific complaints of deliberate misleading...That was the Ibbitson line this morning on 'The House' before Milewski destroyed it.