Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Return Of....

....Coolin' Up The Old Guy (v.XXIX)

My oldest kid was out late last night.

No music-making this time though.

Instead, she went to a student rally with both her own kind (ie. the anglos), and, I would imagine, all those other kids (ie. the francos).

The languageing went fine, I reckon, given that she speaks both of them pretty darned well (immersion!).

The political part was a bit of a heart-break though, as things did not turn out as expected.

But at least it's Quebec where the kids still do this kind of crazy stuff without having the Junior Segrettis come out of the woodwork to hassle them about non-existent crises that can be wurlitzered, when needed, at the drop of a hat.


When she got back to her dorm room she sent me the following with the tag-line:

"Here's a little something for you to aspire to!"

Oh boy....


While trying to get some satisfaction may not exactly be my game these days, there is always Woody's way of imaging such things, no matter how far-fetched...

And, just in case you missed it, Bigger E's latest, which is a non-cover, is here.


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West End Bob said...

Good stuff, RossK - 'S'pecially Bigger E's lullaby!

You've got me curious, tho: What's the political heartbreak ? ? ? ?

PS: Is anyone else ticked that the GoogleBoyz don't email follow-up comments to you anymore? Ssshheesshhh! They're diggin' into our privacy and can't do simple stuff? Ain't right . . . .