Saturday, March 10, 2012

Won't You Listen To What The Man(ning) Said (Part Deux)


Mr. Preston Manning, speaking about Robocalls and more at the retreat of the 'Democracy' centre that bears his name yesterday:

...“If you try to link these things to any one party, it's a mistake,” Mr. Manning said. “If you just target the solutions at one party ... this is far broader than one party.”

He said all parties should be worried: “The public hardly even distinguish between them. When these things are done, it just discredits them.”...

Oh really Mr. Manning?

And do you have one shred of credible evidence that any other party other than the one whose name, in our opinion, should really be front and center on your 'Centre' did absolutely anything untoward in this regard during the 2011 election?

And, no, 'issues' based calls like this lame trotting horse made of straw do not count.



Ian said...

Manning is spinning an out and out lie. The recent Angus Reid poll shows that voters DO distinguish between parties, believing the Conservatives are far more likely to cheat to win.

Once more Manning puts on his preacher face and lies to the flock.

RossK said...


I fear Mr. Mannings remarks were made, at least in part, to move that polling needle back to the middle....

After all, it ran in The Globe and the World at Six yesterday and then....


The future 'Senator from NaPo' releases the straw stalking horse that has already burst into flames.