Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Night's Alright For (Uke) Cover Fighting!


First, The Original...Because...Well....You know...

And now the Uke Cover...Phonetically....


And, as a special bonus, an Uke original, just, well, because Mr. Manning himself brought up the issue of all that is breaking bad (but not conservative in the least, no siree, ma'am) down South at the moment....

Thanks to our good friend Danneau, in the comments, for that last one.
As always, the Uke Peg Head image at the top of the post is courtesy of Los Angelino Photo-Maven Ellen Bloom.



Don F. said...

And soon the public spectacle will be Kirk Cameron hanging from the hollywood sign dead while Brad, Angelina an George look on smiling for the cameras. Accidentally the camera catches Georges middle finger squarely placed in Angelina's butt... but hey nothing wrong here folks!
Sick bastards!!!

RossK said...


Hope not Don.