Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Night's Alright For (Uke) Cover Fighting!


The Original....For those of a certain age, some trains will never be in vain....

The Cover...This kid really is my favorite of all the Uke punks, even if he does do it all phonetically (I think)...


Extra-Special Bonus Track...The somewhat angry young man in the Original, who really was the musical blood and guts of The Clash, and who is now an old man, reaches an incredible state of grace...Do not be put off by the beginning...Watch it all the way through to the end and joy will fill you...I promise.

As always, the Uke Peg Head image at the top of the post is courtesy of Los Angelino Photo-Maven Ellen Bloom.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Yes, it is hard to believe that is the same Mick Jones who once pulled the birds of his choice, hot and steaming, off the Commodore dance floor. If we were trees you would need pins to count the growth rings by which to measure our age.

RossK said...



But it would appear that there is still so much magic there...Amazing really...And a generosity of spirit that, I would imagine, can still make all sorts of birds swoon, for all the right reasons.