Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Van Dongen's Most Interesting 'W'.


The 5 W's of John van Dongen's floor crossing...

The Who?
Well, ya, he clearly took aim at the (not)Premier....But do not forget the following.... Because while I unequivocally agree that a public inquiry is fully warranted, the $6 million thing was most definitely NOT hatched on her watch...So...Don't you love just the smell of political expediency on the floor of the Ledge?

The What?
Well, that's pretty obvious...

The Where?
On the gas pedal with a lead brick?

The Why?
Hints at the possibility of being shunted off to Poughkeepsie because of a personal relationship....
Who cares.... Had already been Buffaloed anyhow

The When?

(When were those by-elections finally announced again?....So....What will all the puffed-up punditry be talking about for the rest of the week?...Timing really is everything in newscycle jamming....And don't forget, it is the bye-bye out in the Valley that really, really matters.)

And as for the punditry?....Who cares about that too...I mean does anybody really care what is truly motivating the likes of the good, and true, and always, according to him at least, selfless Mr. van Dongen?....Instead, I just want to know what fellow Sliverville resident, Mr. Beer 'N Hockey thinks....


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