Monday, March 19, 2012

Boss, Boss.....The Frame!


Brodie I - No Frame.

Brodie II - All Frame.

There sure is a lot riding on that bowl of congealed cheese-curd.

(remember, T. Milewski's report from last week was focussed on Robo AND Real Calls)



paul said...

I propose an experiment.
For the next two weeks, while covering the election fraud story, reporters commit to using no anonymous sources in stories. If party officials want to offer self-serving spin - from all parties - then they are identified or it doesn't run.
And they refuse to make any comments "off-the-record."
Some information and insight will be lost. But a lot of credibility might be gained.
What are readers to make of the fact that Ian Brodie, former Conservative campaign manager, would tell Globe columnist Lawrence Martin “Something seems to have gone on, on a scale I’ve never seen before” - but only if Martin kept Brodie's views secret from his readers? Aren't journalists supposed to find things out and tell the public, not keep them from the public?

RossK said...


Excellent points.

The experiment would extremely interesting.

But, as you well know, the pressure to take the insider access stuff is overwhelming for the pros in this business. Thus, I can only assume that you are speaking now purely as a 'citizen' journalist.

There is, of course, another path.

And that is to call people out on their use of anon-o-mousy stories that turn out not to be credible.