Saturday, March 24, 2012

SS Christy....Cabinet or Deckchair Shuffle With Iceberg Looming?


Me, I reckon it's the latter.

Here is Gordon Hoekstra and Aleesha Harris' report from the night desk of the VSun:

VANCOUVER -- B.C. Premier Christy Clark named Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap to replace Harry Bloy as minister of state for multiculturalism, on Saturday.

“I’m humbled and truly honored to have this opportunity,” Yap said in an interview with The Sun.

He commented his focus in his new role will be largely tied to the Liberals’ Jobs Plan – and specifically, economic immigration...

Sure thing Mr. Yap.

And, whatever you do, stay on message.

Because Jobs...Ya' know....They're so Multiculti...Right?

As for the rest of the Deckhands....errrrr....Chairs?


Here they are, all decked out and ready to go down with the ship...

...In a trio of cabinet moves announced today, Clark also named Vancouver-Langara MLA Moira Stilwell as parliamentary secretary to the minister of health, with a focus on health care innovation.

Richmond Centre MLA Rob Howard was named parliamentary secretary for transportation, with a focus on air services agreements...



Gary E said...

Looks to me as though she is trying for more votes in the lower mainland.

RossK said...

Good point Gary.

Giving up on the Hurtland already?


paul said...

I have trouble imagining, in most businesses these days, someone getting a 15-per-cent raise - more than $15,000 - for being asked to take on the job of helping promote "air service agreements."

RossK said...



It's unleashing the cynic in you?


All joking aside...

It seems that Mr. Campbell kept the rank-in-file in line by either browbeating or scaring the bejeebuz out of them (Brenzinger anyone?).

Ms. Clark, on the other hand, appears to be doing it by offering perks to get folks 'on her side' (and then she says 'Right' at the end of the sentence right?).

Thing is...

Those perks are not coming from her bottom line.


(that last word was in my very best comment typing 'talkshow' voice)


Grant G said...

Exactly Ross...Toss the Yappy little Dawg a bone and more..

Use the Bloy disgrace to funnel $25 k to Moiraaaa and Howard..

There will be more flak jackets purchased by Christy...Eeer the taxpayer!