Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Maher-Manning Misunderstanding


And yes, the original 'Pogue Mahone' post from Mr. Maher has now been disappeared.


We regret any and all previous suggest-o-grams that may have been interpreted as something like, oh, I dunno, the vague possibility that Mr Maher may have been targeted for removal from the 'Manning Centre For Building Democracy's' really big soiree in downtown Ottawa on Friday night.


Based on the fact that Mr. Glen McGregor and Ms. Kady O'Malley were also there and were not, apparently, 'misunderstood', it must have really been a really, really big misunderstanding.

Which happens, I guess, sometimes, when you are looking our new democracy, hard, right in the eye.

Or some such thing.



Jim Parrett said...

Mr. Maher is a far more forgiving man than I am.

RossK said...


Ya, well....

Maybe the explanation was, at least at this point, unassailable.

But, just to be clear, his initial tweet was pretty darned unforgiving.


lenin's ghost said...

lol......this is your future, youth of north america.
Beware......don't mind me, Ross.
Watched 'The Grapes of Wrath' movie yesterday, which leaves in a certain temperament.
Watch the past repeat itself and do something! To the streets and crush the evil Steve Corps while you still have a hope!

Rant! Rant!

Anonymous said...

What democracy?

Democracy in Canada vanished, the minute Harper won his, (so called majority). Canadians Civil Rights and Liberties, vanished too. Our Freedom of Speech, is next on the destruction list. Harper sure does hate his dastardly deeds, being posted on the net. He now has, his secret meetings behind closed doors.

I think Canada is done for. China owns vast chunks of the tar sands. China has BC's mill industry, along with, the raw BC logs. China also owns BC's mines. China is bring their own people to work their vast tar sands projects, the BC mines and all of the many Chinese owned company's.

Do people remember what, Fadden of CSIS said? China is encroaching much too far into Canada. Our worst nightmares have come true. China owns our resources, and have taken our jobs as well.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when interest rates were around 18/20% the credit union denied our application for $20k with a $35k down payment for a 54k house in Vancouver. In talking to our Chinese neighbours we were told they were able to borrow their money from Hong Kong at ZERO interest for their Vancouver Special. It was a way of moving money to Canada for safety over the question of the status of Hong Kong. Fast forward 30 years and met the neighbour and he is still in the market buying houses. Anon 2:54 the 'sale' goes on and who can blame the buyers if the BC and Fed. Elites see it as a way to personal wealth for themselves?

talentbuyer said...

I would think that Mr Maher is just a savvy journalist and would rather cover the important story than become a distraction to the story

RossK said...


Fair comment.


'Twas he that fired the first Tweet.

Although, it was fired, late-night, from a bar after the booting....errrrr...misunderstanding...and he was, allegedly, in said bar with the other two Muskateers (see above).

So, maybe he did, indeed, think better of it in the morning.


Saskboy said...

I still think he must have been rubbing their faces in it, by doing "the robot" on the dance floor.

RossK said...



(is there any truth to the rumour that McGregor is known as Dave and that Maher is called 'Hal9000' by the sharp boys in the corridors of power on the 51st floor?)