Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Milewski Clarification....

...On 'The House' This Morning.

Wherein he made it explicitly clear that he identified some voters who were contacted by live callers who attempted to misdirect them.

And those live callers identified themselves as being from the Conservative Party, and when they checked it turned out to be true.

(and they ALL got previous 'Voter ID' calls).

You can listen to the clarification (and John Ivison's attempt to obfuscate, until challenged) here.

Sideline notables at bottom of post....Just where is Pierre Poutine, anyway?.....Is someone holding the goat in the barn until just the right moment for maximal limited hangout effect...I would suggest that Mr. Ivison's latest does little to refute such a possibility....In fact, some might conclude exactly the opposite....And....Why the heckfire is Alison Crawford now droppin' her 'g's....Sheesh.



The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the post. Ivison plainly came across as trying to do a bit of damage control for the Tories. Maybe he watched how Duffy managed to get into the Senate. It will be interesting to see whether, having been corrected by Milewski, Ivison keeps to his old, plainly wrong, script. If he does, that tells you all you need to know about his credibility and who he's working for.

RossK said...


If you read Mr. Ivison's latest carefully you will see that it extends the limited hangout just a tad...I really do think they moving into Nixonland here.

Sure do wish somebody would release the daily talking points like Glen McGregor did here two weeks ago so that we could watch them for progressive changes as they hang a little more out each time hoping to protect the core of their being.


Saskboy said...
Oops, say anonymous Conservatives.

RossK said...

Thanks SB.