Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pan-Canadian Election Fraud Syndrome...


"...For some reason unknown to this point, serious violations of the Elections Act all over the country were minimized, ignored, dismissed, and forgotten by most people and the authorities entrusted to uphold the crucial machinery of our democracy. A select few journalists and bloggers have helped keep this scandal under the spotlight like it deserves, and I’m certain Pierre Poutine may be but a minor supporting character in the mess. He’s only made famous by his ridiculous alias, and for being the first to draw attention of investigators.

As you can see from any of the lists built by political parties, news sites, and bloggers, there was widespread fraud, voter harassment, and misdirection, all highly illegal acts during an election. The media goes nuts when signs are knocked down, or pamphlets are stolen, and neither of those prevents people from going to their poll. Why isn’t the media “flipping shit”?..."

It really is an important question.

Because if we all just decide to shrug our shoulders in the end?

Well, the entire country could become one big Saanich Gulf-Islands, circa, 2008 wherein all involved parties get to walk away smiling, and shaking hands, and assembling war chests for the next time.


Next time.

Think about that for a moment...

One riding in 2008...

Thirty-one, or sixty-two, or ninety-four ridings in 2011...


How many, then, in 2015?



kootcoot said...

"How many, then, in 2015?

You fool Ross, you really think there will be elections by 2015, what do you think Bulldog Baird was doing in Myanmar/Burma recently? He wasn't there to visit the freedom fighter lady as much as to learn how the Burmese regime manages to rule without the inconvenience of icky elections.

Sixth Estate said...

It's 100 now, for 2011.