Friday, March 02, 2012

Did The Conservatives Have A Special 'Swing Ridings' Team in 2008?


And why do we ask?


At the tail end of his recent column on the RoboCall incident that took place in the riding of Saanich in 2008 that was won by Conservative Gary Lunn, Lawrence Martin noted something interesting, which was the fact that Mr. Lunn's campaign manager had suggested that things just might have happened that the locals might not have known about because...

"The (Conservative) party had a separate team, he (Lunn Campaign manager Byng Giraud) said, that worked on swing ridings...."


If there was some sort of centralized 'swing riding' team, that would appear to go against the meme that we are being fed by the usual suspects and apologists for the Conservative Party of Canada...

Which is the 'explanation' that anything untoward that might have gone down out in far flung ridings like Guelph and Saanich happened because a few local rogues went too far.

Which, begs the question....


Who might have run such a 'swing riding' team if it existed?

Stay tuned....



Gary E said...

If there were a "separate" team, wouldn't that mean there was money spent in a campaign? If so was that money reported? If not, why not? and isn't tat in direct violation of the Elections Act? And wouldn't that mean the election was null and void?

Kim said...

There were questions about 5 groups of third party advertisers who stepped in with advertising moeny just as Lunn's campaign was running out. These "separate groups all used the same Financial Agent and the same Lawyer. The complaint was filed and Elections Canada basically dropped the ball.

Ross K., I have the docs. Want a look?

Anonymous said...

the robo call company has put a slapp on pat martin they said that they don't know who their customers are sombody that goes by the name of peirre poutine had an account they want us to beleive that a convict behind bars could be terrorising millions of canadian and they wouln't be able to track him down curious.just a thohgt..,,,,

Beijing York said...

Check out Mark Spiro as discussed at the following post at TGB:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. RossK

It appears Alex Tsakumis's website has been taken out - one has to assume by the forces of evil otherwise known as Christy and her merry band of terrorists - has there been any thought of what to do in such a cyber-war? I was thinking that the blog world could pull a replicant thing by re-posting AGT's stuff everywhere...that would be payback no one could miss...and one they couldn't defend against...what do you say?

Warren White
Gordon Head, Victoria

RossK said...



That's where I was going next.


RossK said...

Sorry to have been so slow K.

Don't have a mod up on the comments as the trolls are all gone (at least for the moment)...

I'll contact you.

And my email is....

pacificgazette at yahoo dot the two letter suffix for canuckstan


RossK said...

Interesting Warren.

Thing is...

For 95% of Mr. T's stuff I would do it.

The problem is you never know when the other 5% will pop up, and I will not be a party to it.

The most egregious recent example, in my opinion?

That would be the 'Vince Foster of the Islands' hit piece just before the last municipal election in Lotusland.


Anonymous said...

Hey RossK

I was just thinking the way to overcome the MSM's stranglehold on information flow would be to band would almost be the way to make "the great leap forward" to the next level in blogging influence vis-a-vis the Palmer and Baldry's of the world...not every post is going to be replicated, but the group of you who are attempting to counter the BC MSM's spin/distortion/lack of coverage need to join forces...together you could be more than you are as individual bloggers - my thought anyways.

Warren White

RossK said...

I'm with you there Warren.



Anonymous said...

We only cheat when we can't win!

Where is the Great Satan when we need him?

kootcoot said...

"For 95% of Mr. T's stuff I would do it.

The problem is you never know when the other 5% will pop up, and I will not be a party to it.

The most egregious recent example, in my opinion?"

I think you have the percentage backwards, Ross! The most egregious example I detest is his egregious insults verging on slander that he has directed at BC Mary, when she became ill and especially soon after her departure from this plane. He has also been extremely rude to Laila, both in print and in person!

He has also slandered myself, but like you I'm big and have a tough skin - and I quit bothering to engage with someone who arrives with his own "facts."