Sunday, February 17, 2013

A New Original From Bigger E.


As promised (after I presented littler e.'s original Original tune) recently, below is Bigger E's latest Original.

I hadn't actually heard it, in full, when she played it at our UkeFolkFunkFusionFest at the Prophouse a few weeks ago.

In the preamble, she mentioned how it was about a rundown, rock quarryish-type place near her house in Montreal.

I'll leave the comparisons to you, dear listener, but I have an opinion or seventy if you want to hear them sometime...



karen said...

Oh my. That is lovely. Really lovely.

I wonder how I missed the post with Littler E's original? That was wonderful too.

Thanks. Nice warm feeling.

paul said...

I trust the 70 opinions on comparisons include Natalie Merchant. (A very good thing.)

West End Bob said...


Just Wow.

Still listening to the vids on another tab, but Wow.

Good job, E., e., RossK and C. in the background somewhere . . . .

RossK said...


I'm glad, because warmth matters...Especially for you all up north this time of year...Apologies for burying littler e's lede...I think I should probably set up one of those multiple column blogs so that I can categorize stuff and keep things from falling off the bottom of the page so quickly.


That would most definitely be one, probably in the top three in fact...Weird thing is that I'm not sure E. is that familiar with Ms. Merchant's stuff which makes it all the more interesting I think.

Thanks Bob--

E's stuff sure has come a long way since that early pre-Olympic day down at the beach, eh?


West End Bob said...

Those were definitely Good Times, RossK!

Thanx for the memories and the music . . . .