Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Calendar According To Wai Young.


January is Halloween in Halifax... So, we're blockading your Harbour!

February is Springtime in Vancouver... So, we're closing your Coast Guard Base!

March is Moose Month in Moncton... So, we're relocating everyone to Swift Current!

April is Autumn in Ottawa... So, we've drained the Canal to Paint It Blue!

May is Anglogiddeon Times in Montreal... So, Rene Levesque Blvd is now Ernest Manning Ave!

June is Wintersleep in Winnipeg... Release (even more of) the Mosquitoes!

July is the Month The Raelians Land In Regina... Beam Them Up Jason!

August is Endless Night Time In Edmonton... Frisk All The Pink Flamingoes Flocking To The Fringe!

September is The Month The Commies Come To Calgary... Release The Hounds!

October is River Month In Revelstoke... Bust Down The Dam!

November is Cork-Popping Month In Kelowna... Sluice Down The Streets With Calona Red-On-Bleu!

December is Duffy Month In Victoria... Give Mike Craigdarroch Castle!

In case you missed it, only February is for real....So far.



Anonymous said...

Is it just possible the Harper/Cons want the property for an oil tank farm? With all the fuss over tankers in the harbours of Vancouver and Kitimat..............


RossK said...



In reality, I reckon a condo-jacking is more likely after a little land bundling/deal making.


Chris said...

Or a big private marina, maybe in cooperation with the band that owns all that land behind the city marina... or hey, maybe condos AND a marina!

RossK said...

Or a Condo-Marina!