Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Anti-Old Guy Ranting Post, Part Deux...



I was interrupted by the egregiousness of all the egregiousity that was Wai Young's comment about what constitutes springtime in Vancouver (and all the while trying to stop myself from thinking of Mel Brooks)...

So lets try this again.


Now, I know I've been going off on these kids for awhile now.

And I know the hipsters who feel they 'discovered' them, say a year-and-a-half ago, probably hate it that old guys like me are now digging them as much (or more).

But so what?

And in addition to what these kids are up to musically, what I really, really like about the little set below is that it demonstrates that one DJ who really likes a band can still make a difference in the life and, yes, success of said band.

Which is even more likeable when the DJ is KEXP's incomparable John Richards and said band is The Lumineers....



Don F. said...

I like these guys ross. Great songs an performances.Casual delivery that suits them and comes across well. Great messages in their songs. Sober intelligent people doing what are meant to be doing as they ere meant to be doing it!Wuold like to have their music to listen to again for different situations where they would be my choice.

RossK said...

Agreed Don--

Here's another good, fuller live show, also recorded by KEXP just as they were blowing up last summer.

And their first album, which really is a 'best of' because, as they say, it took them 5 years to get it done is available on the ITunes for pretty cheap/10 bucks.