Sunday, February 03, 2013

This Day In Snookland...We Don't Care If Our Ads Are Crap...

...We Will Force You To Pay For Them Until You Cry Uncle.

Or some such thing.

Because if you believe the AReid polling noted by Gary Mason today in the Globe, a whole lot of British Columbians paying for them don't like them.

Here is the round up of that domino ad thingy:

...Respondents were given 10 words that could be used to portray the ad; they were asked to pick four that best described their feelings toward it.

The options were: useless, deceiving, untrue, informative, fair, offensive, true, unfair, respectful, honest. So what did people think?

The three descriptors that received the greatest response were all negative: Useless got 43 per cent; Deceiving, 42 per cent; Untrue, 31 per cent. Not surprisingly, those people who said they voted NDP in the last election were more likely to see the ad in a negative light. That said, even many of those who said they voted Liberal in the last trip to the polls had problems with it.

For instance, 38 per cent of those 2009 Liberal voters said they felt the ad was useless, while 30 per cent saw it as deceiving and 22 per cent described it as untrue. (For the record,here is how the other words fared: informative 29 per cent, fair 24, offensive 17, true 16, unfair 15, respectful 14 and honest 11)...

Then again, when you are going after the low information voter, perhaps you are willing to make everyone else conclude that you are deceitful, conniving and just plain wrong if you can just get a chunk of that 29% of the folks who were previously Golden Era party boosters who actually found the ad to be 'informative' to pull the lever for you this time.

Heckuva a strategy for effective governance, eh?



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