Saturday, February 09, 2013

Mayhem, I Tell You....Mayhem!


As I mentioned yesterday, C. has gone to Montreal to see Bigger E.

So it's just littler e., the whackadoodle, and me this weekend.

And the image above is what I came home to last night. Luckily, I rode.... Which meant I could eat more of them...And ice cream too.

But not before we had pizza for dinner (carrots!, we did have a couple of sticks each, honest) and then headed over to Blackdog (Cambie Street division) where Rosie (said whackadoodle) got her treat - half a pink milk bone (vet said to cut down - packing it on a little around kidneys).

In the end we watched 'The Breakfast Club'...Don't judge us!  (on the other end of John Hughes, we did finish up our Wes Anderson film-fest last weekend with the Fantastic Mr. Fox).

On my way out the door on the way to the beach with Rosie now....Pounds away! (but will stop at Breka at 49th and Fraser for coffee, oval loaf of Sovital and the biggest, fattest two dollar fritter in town)...No rain, but a little chilly...Will wear the fingerless gloves and will play...Feel a little Astral Weeks coming on...But probably not quite like this (although I have half of that down/up/down/down/down/up thing he talks about swiping from Mr. Morrison a long, long time ago)

As for the dairy product in cans...Will do best to get on way home....



Eleanor Gregory said...

My greying black dog loves going to Black Dog video, not just for the dog cookies handed out, but also for the honour of being in a store named after him.

RossK said...

Well, there is that and the fact that the folks at Blackdog actually really like 'em.

Dogs, I mean.