Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Alan Lomax Of Comedy?


Marc Maron: You know, what do you live for?

Mel Brooks: Occasionally, you live for a grilled-cheese sandwich and fun.


You can listen to Maron get Mr. Brooks to open up wide and tell him pretty much everything, start to

And then, just in case that's not good enough, you can hear Maron have a go with Mr. 80 (or is that 85?) percent, Carl

And just in case you were wondering, Mess'rs Brooks and Reiner still dig (and take care of) a now ailing Sid Caesar.

Alan Lomax was the guy who got all the folk music down for posterity, for real.



Norm Farrell said...

What? You didn't find enough comedy in the performance of Christy Clark's government this past while?

Thanks, tho. I added WTF to my podcast list. I have about 500 hours of spoken word audio tracks on my 48 GB Galaxy Player. Every subject under the sun but lots of history, liteature, science and, of course, comedy, to remind me of politics at home. It will come in handy while travelling.

RossK said...

You won't be sorry Norm.

I'm amazed by how much great stuff there is out there to listen to.

On a related note, while it's not exactly great stuff, a reader has asked me to repost my conversation with the Rev. Paperboy about BC Rail...It's a little dated (was recorded just as the real trial was sputtering to life), but it's not a bad primmer for folks who want to get the basics down.