Monday, February 04, 2013

This Day In Snookland...The Race To The Bottom.


Norm Farrell, as he is so adept at doing, has crunched the publicly-available numbers and demonstrates, pretty much unequivocally, that Christy Clark's British Columbia has become Gordon Campbell's wage slave Utopia.

Here is just one of Norm's graphs that tells the story (but go and have a look at them all):

And you don't have to just take Norm's word for it...

The VT-C has crunched some numbers as well to demonstrate that the great majority of British Columbians really and truly have fallen behind:

...The numbers tell the story. In 1982, the median income in B.C. was $31,600, far above the nationwide median. Today, it stands at $27,500, a drop of 13 per cent and well below the national median...


Why has this happened?

Well, what with all the proMedia-assisted trashing of labour that has gone on around here for almost a generation now I think that's pretty obvious.

More on that later.

Of course it is Utopia, not for the wage slaves themselves, but rather for those who enslave them...Which, of course, is why we must have a propaganda blitz paid for by the slaves themselves to convince said slaves that being enslaved by the enslavers is actually good for them....And yes, Dorothy, as Thomas Franks would probably say if we don't start dealing with this immediately...We really will be in Kansas evermore...



Hugh said...

Put that in the context of what has happened to the cost of housing and rent since 2001.

Eleanor Gregory said...

You don't hear the slogan "best place on earth" so much as you used to. Guess this is one of the reasons why.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There is more to it but I am thinking the median wage drop has a lot to do with the emptying of our province's forests and sawmills of workers in the past few decades.

RossK said...


Very good point. I really don't know how young families even begin to do it anymore.



Yes. That has all but disappeared...Now it is all about how bad things will get if the other side wins...Funny though how the Progress Board rankings are never mentioned.


You'd be talking about all those unionized workers, right Beer?

I think that likely extends to the construction sector as well.

And, clearly, in 5 years time, it will be the mining sector as well.

And, if Ms. Clark's friends and influential uncles are released once again does anyone actually think the assault on unionized public sector workers won't crank up once again?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Union and piggy-backers. We've all been up against the wall for a variety of reasons for just about 40years now.

Kerkhoff had their victory years ago. The victory was a loss for our province.

Union mine workers have just won a big one for everybody in Tumbler Ridge. That victory was the biggest of wins for everybody in this province. Bigger than the HST fight even.