Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What, Exactly, Is An 'Unmitigated Moron' Anyway?


The latest from the Kruegernator, via the MoCo:

B.C. Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger isn’t backing down on critical comments he made in an email to the B.C. Conservative Party.

The email relates to a B.C. Conservative Party news release in which the party called Jobs Minister Pat Bell “an unmitigated disaster.” The party also called for Bell to be suspended over allegations he made inappropriate promises to a land developer.

Krueger, the Kamloops-South Thompson MLA, called those involved in the release "unmitigated morons.”

The email goes on to say, “Pat Bell is beloved in Prince George, for good reason. There is not one of you scum worthy to tie his shoes — nor tall enough.” The letter closes by saying, “What idiots you are.”...


Is it umitigatedly moronic for a Minister responsible for a roof to take a call from a party insider who demands he (i.e. the Minister) spend $500 million of the public's money to make his (i.e. the Insider's) friends, colleagues and business partners from Vegas happy?

Of course, what is really moronic here, at least from the point of view of the Wizards of Snooklandia, is the fact that this kind of stunt just might start a backlash that kicks the Curmudgeon and his Cons back up into the low teens...If that happens I reckon the Wizards will be able to deliver seats in the high single digits, max...



scotty on Denman said...

Neither Krueger nor Bell are running again, voting with their feet, as t'were.

Good question: how many seats will the BC Liberals hang on to? How many are theirs to lose (Kamloops and PG...)?

Complete speculation (?): what is the seat number threshold below which the BC Liberals will cease to exist? Will it matter if Christy wins her own seat or not?

Ian said...

It's the kind of thing one who is one would say.

Lew said...

Is it unmitigatedly moronic to ignore the advice of the Attorney General and order a government official to disregard his legal obligations, and then settle out of court with Boss Power for $21 million more than your own investigation shows you should to pay for the damage you caused?

Anonymous said...

So while people across BC honour "Pink Shirt" day in recognition of anti-bullying, Premier Christy Clark's own team member takes bullying to a whole new level. Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger responded to a request for an investigation into the Liberal MLA Pat Bell scandal by sending an email to the author of that request. Here is a copy of that email:
From: Krueger.MLA, Kevin
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 4:01 PM
Subject: The Honourable Pat Bell
To: "" , "Krueger.MLA, Kevin"

Attention: B.C. Cons:
Mr. Cummins, and everybody involved in this news release, are “Unmitigated” MORONS to have published such crap as this.
Pat Bell is beloved in Prince George, for good reason. There is not ONE of you scum worthy to tie his shoes – nor tall enough.
What idiots you are.
Kevin Krueger, MLA
I wonder if Christy will defend Kevin Krueger or does she believe, "scum","Morons" & idiots are what people should be calling each other ? I also wonder if her Liberal friend Diamond Isinger will mention this in her anti-bullying blog she started, or is that reserved for only the Premier ?

Anonymous said...

What if Christy was the only Liberal to be re-elected? Well, to be fair, give her a couple of seat mates. Colman maybe? That should be just reward for all the grief they've caused in the last few years. AND insist on a judicial inquiry into BCRail. Makes me delerious!
John's Aghast

Anonymous said...

Every time I see or hear Krueger I hear banjo music for some reason. I wonder if Krueger knows that his dad and grandpa are the same person.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Keven Krueger our very own village idiot here in Kamloops. Being sent to the BC Legislature over the last 16 years sure shows the neanderthal mentality of the people that voted for this piece of dried-up monkey shit.