Friday, February 15, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...We Don't Need No Stinking Budget.


Cassidy Olivier, of The Province, has 'A. Source' inside the BC Liberal Government caucus.

In addition to the usual blather about those amongst the 'soon-to-be-gone-for-good' who will no longer be whipped, Mr or Ms. Source had the following to say:

...To avoid being defeated on a confidence vote, the (BC Liberal Party caucus) member expects that the budget won’t go beyond second reading.

Instead, the government will pass legislation for interim supply, which will keep the government’s finances running, and shorten the session.

“The safe thing is to get approval for interim supply for three months,” the member said. “And that will allow the new government [after the election] to come in and look at the books and do a real budget.”...


Maybe the Snooklandian Wizardry could instead put together a budget using the awesome analytical powers of....


And as for bond rating agency downgrades, and business uncertainty, and all that?....Who cares when you've got website hits and/or clicks or whatever the heck else the mandateless (not)Premier thinks is 'governance'.


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Scotty on Denman said...

The BC Liberals remind me of a former coworker and friend of mine, showed up for planting season with two huge black eyes (you should know Nelson never backed down from a fight.) Turns out he was doing a two-handed pull, trying to land a massive halibut onto his dad's commercial fish boat; just as it was about to lift clear of the gunnels, he lost his slimy grip and punched himself square in both eyes.

"Almost knocked myself out!" he said in his thick Ahousat accent.

But I can't imagine a bigger black eye for the BC Liberal budget, their de facto campaign platform, than not having the gonads to put it to a vote.