Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Day In Harperland...Spring Is February In Vancouver



That is the Harper government's rationale for the sudden closure of the Kits Coast Guard base yesterday under the cover of Budget Day deflector spin.

The VCourier's Sandra Thomas has the story. Here is her (most excellent, and truly inverted, pyramidal) lede:

Conservative MP for Vancouver-South Wai Young is defending what many in Vancouver consider the sudden closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard station.

The station was scheduled to close this spring, but Vancouver politicians and residents were hoping the decision would be reversed. On Tuesday afternoon, the station closed with no notice.

"February is spring in Vancouver," said Young, when asked about the timing of the closure. "Quite frankly, some politicians have politicized this when it was all over the news and everyone knew it was set for closure."...

Good folks of Vancouver South....This is your Member of Parliament on Codswallop.

(That and 'up is down', and 'war is peace', and all the rest)

Meanwhile, your representatives from Snooklandia are writing really, really 'strong' letters...


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