Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This Day In Snookland...What Will The Wizards Do If The HST Still Exists On April 2nd?


What am I going on about this time?

Well, in a recent column the VSun's Vaughn Palmer made it abundantly clear that, after a whole lot of foot-dragging by the Snooklandians, the vast majority of the businesses in the province aren't ready for the switch back to the PST scheduled for (yes, seriously) April Fool's Day:

For B.C. Liberals hoping for an end to their government’s self-inflicted miseries with the harmonized sales tax, the latest news out of the Ministry of Finance is not encouraging.

The ministry reckons that some 130,000 retailers need to register to begin collecting the provincial sales tax by April 1, the day that the province is scheduled to phase out the HST and return to the old tax regime.

But only about 30,000 have signed up since registrations began in January. The remaining 100,000 or so have just five weeks left in which to do so before the seven-per-cent provincial levy takes effect...


Who, exactly, was responsible for all that foot-dragging...

And just where is the Birdman these days anyway?

But seriously....What will the Wizards do if they're still on the hook for the HST well into the election campaign?...Maybe start up a smear machine operation against the ghost of the Dave Barrett regime blaming it for all that evil, wretched excess of a written record of what actually went on the legislature that is Hansard?...Either that or, perhaps, really crank up the wurlitzer to blame a then eight-year old Adrian Dix for sneaking on a plane to Moscow (sans ticket, of course!) and impersonating one of the young Russian figure skaters so that he could sneak onto the ice to drop the rose stem that caused Phil Esposito to take that tumble during the pre-game introductions late in the summer of 1972?


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Grant G said...

Another day, another BC Liberal embarrassment..

Kevin Krueger blasts the BC Conservatives in an email
Shane Woodford | Email news tips to

The bombastic MLA for Kamloops South is again firing from the lip this time taking aim at the BC Conservative party.

In an email Kevin Krueger blasts the BC Tories and its leader John Cummins for a news release they issued today asking for Jobs Minister Pat Bell to be suspended.

The email in its entirety is below;


From: Krueger.MLA, Kevin
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 4:01 PM
Subject: The Honourable Pat Bell
To: "" , "Krueger.MLA, Kevin"

Attention: B.C. Cons:

Mr. Cummins, and everybody involved in this news release, are “Unmitigated” MORONS to have published such crap as this.

Pat Bell is beloved in Prince George, for good reason. There is not ONE of you scum worthy to tie his shoes – nor tall enough.

You have just blown whatever support you might have hoped to muster in Prince George, and many other places.

What idiots you are.

Kevin Krueger, MLA


The Conservatives want Bell suspended for allegations of impropriety in the proposed Wood Innovation and Design centre in Prince George.

However BC's Attorney General Shirley Bond says Bell did nothing wrong.


Does Foghorn leghorn not know it`s anti-bully day?

Happy anti-bully day, any day with pink is a good day!