Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Real Reason That Ms. Clark Must Go.


When Christy Clark's government started throwing the adult disabled out in the street, it was the last straw for me. 

And I say that absolutely snark-free.

And now the guy who originally broke that story, Lindsay Kines of VT-C, is letting us know that, if Ms. Clark gets her way,  it will soon get much worse:

The B.C. government plans to drastically reduce the average amount of money it spends on adults with developmental disabilities over the next three years, budget documents show.

Adults with fetal alcohol disorder and autism who receive service under the personal supports initiative will see the biggest decline. Documents show the average cost per client in that program dropping from $24,000 to $16,000 this year alone — a 33 per cent decline.

In two years time, the average cost per client in the program will be less than half what it is today, the documents show...

And yet, they still defend their spending of more than $50 million on absolutely useless ads because said ads drive up Facebook hits or something.


That latter bit might sound like a bit of snark is sneaking into this post.

But it is not.


Because this actually was Ms. Clark's  own justification for wasting millions and millions of the public's money on self-serving propaganda.

And for this, on top of all the incompetence and skullduggery, she, and hers (and Gord's too) really must go now.




Anonymous said...

What would be interesting,I think, would be to quiz a certain 'star' candidate who is running for Miss Christy's team in Parksville Qualicum. I have it on good authority that this candidate (who is a gold medal winning paralypian) also has an child with autism.

I wonder how she feels about running for the BC Liberal 'brand' now?

RossK said...


Excellent question Anon-Above.


Anonymous said...

Just shows its a government without a heart. Just like Harpers make the poor pay their way ,but subsidize the wealthy.