Saturday, February 02, 2013

What Is It That The Auditor General Is Doing, Exactly?...

...Why, I Believe It Is Called 'Auditing'.

Well, well, well....

What do you know.

The clerk of Snooklandia in Abstentia, Mr. Craig James (yes, that Craig James), is hopping mad at Auditor General John Doyle for, ummmmm....


Rob Shaw in the VT-C has the story:

B.C.’s auditor general wants to examine every financial transaction made by the legislature last year, in a continuation of his scathing look into financial mismanagement at the capital buildings.

John Doyle has requested all financial moves made by the B.C. legislature in 2011-12, which represents more than 28,000 transactions, said Craig James, clerk of the house.

“Why?” James asked. “Why do you want all 28,000 financial transactions? And so there’s no explanation. We’re not interested in a fishing trip.

“I expect the Office of the Auditor General to provide the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia with a plan.”

James made the blunt comments Friday as part of a closed-door meeting with clerks and speakers from other Canadian provinces, held in the legislative chamber.

The proceedings were broadcast unintentionally on the legislature’s public speaker system...

{snippety doo-dah}

...“There’s been this disconnect and boiling animosity between this place and the Office of the Auditor General,” James said in his speech.

“Next week I’m meeting with the representative of the Office of the Auditor General to get to the bottom of, ‘What is it that you’re doing?’ ”

The legislature would like to see an audit plan from Doyle’s office before it complies with his request, said James.

“I think that’s only fair,” he said....


Mr. James wants fair?

I'll tell him what's fair.

It's fair for the Auditor General, who has already demonstrated that the legislative books are a complete mess, to get to the bottom of this so that the people of British Columbia actually know what the heck is going on in there.

And, based on that, if Mr. James does not want to give the AG everything he wants he should get out of the way and let someone else, someone who actually respects the people of British Columbia Mr. James is supposed to be working for, do the job.


Mr. Shaw's piece also notes that the Speaker of Snooklandia
is now saying that the AG's previous report on the Ledge finances was flawed because he, the AG, didn't ask for enough stuff...These people are shameless really....Shameless.
Finally, as paisley point out in the comments, you might also remember Mr. James for....this.



paisley said...

Is this the same Craig James who took his wife on the taxpayers dime for a 10 day excursion to Kenya while being the Chief Electoral Officer. According to the agenda of this Common Wealth initiative he attended, the five most important topics were,
In Praise of professional parliamentary staff;
Bringing parliamentary order to a chaotic world;
The plight of Developing Countries in the Global Economic and Financial Crisis;
The environment, poverty and food
Applying Principles that help to defuse and conflict for the welfare of children.
What ever relevance this had for man heading up the Electoral Office in BC remains a mystery but I’m sure he enjoyed the included 2 day safari trip during the conference which was described as offering viewing and photographic opportunities. Even though it appears that Craig never penned a report available to the public the least he could have done was share the pictures don’t you think?

Zengy said...

Thanks for bringing this story to our attention Ross, and to Paisley, for spilling further beans about the unprofessional, deplorable and downright vindictive attitude of Craig James.

That's politicians for ya! Power goes straight to their heads, followed by a bursting sense of entitlement. Hold onto your hats when the Ndp get into power, they've been busting at the seams, salivating over their turn at grabbing power and graft. Wait and see, will be more of the same.

Wish we had an independent running in my riding.

RossK said...






RossK said...


Mr. James is a bureaucrat.

I'd be interested to hear why you feel that the people the NDP would appoint would do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

We remember Mr. James from way back. During the, no HST BC battle. Does everyone remember, the 87 year old lady?

We know exactly why the BC Liberals books, must be kept firmly closed to AG Doyle. Just ask Gordon Campbell. Christy Clark is no different. Christy's books, can't pass an audit any better than Campbell's could.

Lew said...

I’m going to try James’ tactic next time the BC Finance Ministry or Revenue Canada tries to audit my company. I’ll simply ask them what they think they’re doing, resist showing all my accounts, and tell them I’m not interested in a fishing trip. Think it’ll work?

Markerbuoy said...

I also caught the story in this morning's TC. Rob Shaw seems to be working well these days, considering he is a rep of the MSM.

The pervasive sense of entitlement is continually worrisome across the political class. The NDP dropped the, they were complicit in their inaction before, during and after the AG's investigation of legislature finances. This is but one reason why I do not believe much will change in this department under an NDP regime.

There are many switcheroo votes waiting for Adrian Dix if he will declare firm, substantive intentions on BC Rail malfeasance,IPP/Hydro quasi legal thievery,'s a long list.

I could never vote for the Lieberals and I've never voted NDP (although any past NDP indiscretions look like chicken poop compared to the Lieberal administration).

What's a voter to do?

Mark B.

G West said...

As you know, my wife spent her professional career as a lawyer writing legislation for more than 2 decades for several provincial governments in BC and for the Federal Government in Ottawa.

She had, while working here in Victoria, occasion to have some contact with Mr James...

She is a very careful person who would not disparage anyone unnecessarily nor without reason.

In giving advice to various ministries she has had to deal with Mr James in his official capacity numerous times and she is unequivocal in her assessment of the man as an incompetent stuffed shirt who is, in fact, a perfect illustration of the Peter Principle and the operation of Parkinson's Law embodied in the same individual.

His surreptitiously recorded remarks and his famous correspondence with John Horgan while he was 'acting' chief electoral officer of BC provide further evidence of the accuracy of her analysis.

Ian said...

Craig James was the BC Liberals' choice for Interim Elections BC chief to run the HST referendum. The choice was made without consultation with the NDP and against their wishes.

In that role he went on to make several controversial decisions that seemed to favour the government turning a non-partisan post, partisan.

Clerk of the Legislature, with all the perks of this very secretive post, was his reward.

James is a key BC Liberal legacy and does not enjoy widespread support on both sides of the house.

And, while I'm biased, I think its fair to say that all legislative appointments made under the NDP but one were consensual and seen as open and fair. the one that wasn't was withdrawn.

paisley said...

August 28,2012 Victoria Times Colonist
“James, who replaced MacMinn last year, told the committee he’s committed to full financial and political accountability under his watch.’
“I will not have my name attached to a bad audit,” he told the committee.

RossK said...


Ms. Clark has books?


You and I both know George Bailey as, apparently, does Ms. Clark...That strategy didn't work for him (or his Uncle Billy).



Mr. Dix, and other prominent BC NDP members have consistently called for full public inquiry into BC Rail. This was reiterated on the party website on Dec 4, 2012.

Re IPPs - from May 17, 2012:

"...Adrian Dix and B.C.’s New Democrats are committed to restoring the regulatory role of the B.C. Utilities Commission, putting a moratorium on signing any further independent power contracts, and reviewing existing contracts to determine whether they are in the public interest..."

Hope that helps you make your decision.

Thank-you GWest--

I had forgotten about the James/Horgan correspondence.

It would appear that Mr. James' response to Mr. Horgan's enquiry is not at odds with your partner's opinion.


In addition, if I remember correctly, Mr. James' predecessor at Elections BC, Mr. Neufeld, was a consensual appointment made by the BC Liberals.

My point is that, unlike the unilaterally appointed Mr. James, I am of the opinion that Mr. Neufeld was an excellent, impartial E-BC boss.


If there is no audit, can there be a 'bad one?